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By Smile Design Studio
July 23, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Do you want to improve your smile? Do you feel like you're too old to be wearing braces? Well, the dentists at Smile Design Studio invisalignunderstand how you feel, which is why they offer Invisalign at their Bethesda, MD, office.

Invisalign is composed of custom-made clear aligners that are made to fit your upper and lower teeth. The aligners function the same way traditional braces work, by applying pressure on each tooth so that it moves into its proper position. Your Bethesda dentists create your custom aligners using a specialized computer software.

There are several benefits to Invisalign. Here are a few,

  • Oral Hygiene: Because Invisalign is a removable appliance, you will be able to clean your teeth more thoroughly than if you have traditional metal braces. Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once.
  • Discreet: Traditional metal braces can be distracting, especially if you're a teenager or an adult. Invisalign is transparent, so no one will notice if you have braces.
  • Dietary Limitations: Traditional braces prevent you from eating your favorite foods, like taffy apples or corn, but that's not an issue with Invisalign. You can eat whatever you want because the aligners you wear are removable.
  • Comfortable: Invisalign aligners are thin, flexible aligners that don't irritate the soft tissue in your mouth, unlike metal braces.

Invisalign's clear plastic aligners are flexible and great for if you need to straighten your teeth and don't want anyone to know you're wearing braces, unlike traditional metal braces. You do, however, need to keep them on for a minimum of 20 to 22 hours a day.

You can take them off if you want to eat, brush your teeth or floss. Some people like to take their clear aligners off for special events.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with your Bethesda, MD, dentists, then call their office at (301) 907-8201 today!

By Smile Design Studio
June 01, 2018
Category: Oral Health
Tags: jaw pain   tmj  

Are you suffering from jaw pain?jaw pain

Dr. Michael Wright, Dr. Treva Willis and Dr. Maria Wright in Bethesda, MD, know just what to do!


The Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects to your lower jaw and to the skull in front of the ear. There are some facial muscles that control chewing also attached to your lower jaw.

Temporomandibular joint syndrome is a disorder accompanied by consistent pain in the area near your ear, jaw or muscles on the side of your face. You may suffer from a clicking or popping sound, and/or restricted jaw movement.

Causes of TMJ

The TMJ is subject to various issues, such as:

  • Inflammation
  • Sore muscles
  • Strained tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Disk problems
  • Physical and psychological stress

Signs and Symptoms of TMJ

  • Clicking Sounds — If you're suffering from TMJ, you may hear a clicking, popping sound coming from the TMJ when you open or close your mouth. This is usually caused by a shifting of the disk inside the joint. The clicking may be so loud, someone standing next to you may hear it.
  • Muscle Pain — You may feel pain in your cheeks, where the pairs of jaw-closing muscles are located. If you feel soreness and stiffness upon waking up in the morning, it may be related to clenching and/or grinding the teeth at night. A nightguard may help relieve that pressure, but be sure to speak with your Bethesda doctor.
  • Joint Pain — Pain usually comes from one or both jaw joints and would be considered arthritis.

Relieving the Pain

Once your doctors have examined you, they can start designing a treatment plan. Here are some ways they may improve your diet or lifestyle:

  • A softer diet to reduce stress on the muscles and joints.
  • Ice and/or moist heat to relieve soreness and inflammation.
  • Gentle stretching exercises to avoid muscle spasms.
  • Medications and muscle relaxants for pain relief.

For more information, contact Drs. Michael Wright, Treva Willis, and Maria Wright in Bethesda, MD, today!

By Smile Design Studio
March 09, 2018
Category: Oral Health
Tags: family dentistry  

Life seems pretty scattered these days, doesn't it? We run from place to place for gas, groceries, home improvement needs--even health family dentistrycare. The good news is you can stop part of that crazy race with consistent, quality dental care with your Bethesda family dentists, Dr. Michael Wright, Dr. Treva Willis and Dr. Maria Wright. Their well-respected Smile Design Studio offers premiere preventive, restorative and cosmetic services for your entire family. Yes, come to just one beautiful, comfortable office for the best in comprehensive dentistry.


Your Bethesda family dentist asks each patient--from the age of one on up--to come to Smile Design Studio semi-annually. What's the idea? Prevent oral health problems before they start or become complicated and painful. So each patient at Smile Design Studio receives a comprehensive oral examination, X-rays as needed and a thorough hygienic cleaning. And, when your Bethesda dentist sees your whole family, he or she observes similarities in bite, a tendency toward decay and more. This makes treatment easier.


Over a lifespan, it's rare to not require some sort of restorative dental care--fillings, root canal therapy, crowns, dental implants (including All-on-4 implants), and dentures as examples. So as you grow up, enter adulthood, and yes, age, count on Dr. Wright, Dr. Willis, and Dr. Wright to provide care unique to your needs and stage of life. We also address TMJ (jaw joint) pain and gum disease. Smile Design Studio delivers quick and accurate emergency care for life's unexpected circumstances, too.

Also--cosmetic improvement

Whether you're a teen or a senior, you want your smile to look its very best. So your Bethesda family dentist provides many aesthetic treatments which allow you to look uniquely you, only better. Services include:

  • Professional teeth whitening to remove accumulated stains (this is modern dentistry's most often asked for cosmetic service, says the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry)
  • Invisalign clear aligners for practically invisible orthodontic correction in less time than conventional braces
  • Direct bonding to repair small enamel flaws seamlessly in one visit
  • Porcelain veneers to cover the front of teeth flawed by big chips, cracks and other surface imperfections
  • Cosmetic contouring to reshape uneven tooth length, fractures and more

Enjoy a healthy life

It starts with consistent, kind and precise oral health care from the team at Smile Design Studio. Call our office today to arrange appointments for your whole family: (301) 907-8201.

By Smile Design Studio
January 08, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Are you wondering if you should get dental implants in Bethesda, MD?dental implants

Tooth loss is certainly not an issue you should ignore if it happens to you. We know that you thought your smile would last forever but you can still have a beautiful smile after tooth loss and our Bethesda, MD, dentists Dr. Michael Wright, Dr. Treva Willis and Dr. Maria Wright can make sure that you get a healthy smile back with a little help from dental implants.

Why choose dental implants?

We get this question a lot, but there is a reason so many people are turning to dental implants to replace their missing teeth. Implants are the closest you can get to a real tooth. While maintaining your natural teeth is the ideal, when this is no longer possible then dental implants can be the second best option. After all, no other restoration functions as closely to real teeth than this long-term tooth replacement.

When you first look at an implant it seems hard to believe that this small metal restoration can really take the place of your missing tooth or teeth, but it can. In fact, no other tooth replacement will be able to provide such a solid, resilient foundation from which to support false teeth.

How are dental implants placed?

First, the implant must be placed into the jawbone. For this to be possible, our Bethesda, MD, cosmetic dentist will need to make a small hole in the jawbone where the implant will be placed. This procedure might sound rather involved, but it’s simple, can be performed right here in our office as an outpatient procedure, and it will all be done under local anesthesia so you won’t feel a thing.

Once the implant is placed it will take the mouth several months to fully heal from the procedure. While the healing process happens, the jawbone will grow around the implant, making it a permanent structure. With implants, you will never have to worry about them moving or shifting around in your mouth, unlike dentures.

When the implant and the jawbone are fully integrated it’s now time to place an abutment over the implant. An abutment is like a tooth that’s been prepped for a crown. Its sole purpose is to connect the implant, which is under the gums, with an artificial tooth (the part of the implant that’s visible). In some situations, the implant will already have an abutment attached, in which case all we will have to do is secure the dental crown over top.

However, if you are dealing with multiple missing teeth or even a full row of missing teeth dental implants can still support and hold your dental bridge or a full set of dentures firmly in place.

If you are ready to take the next steps to getting your smile back then it’s time you called the Smile Design Studio in Bethesda, MD, to schedule your consultation. Turn to the experts who will know how to get you the smile you want.

By Smile Design Studio
November 10, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: orthodontics   braces   invisalign  

Do you feel as though your smile hinders your first impressions, making you feel as though your appearance is sub-par due to your invisalignmisaligned teeth? If so, orthodontic treatment could be for you. Invisalign, while a different approach to orthodontics, is an effective way of straightening your teeth and correcting problems with your bite. Find out more about Invisalign and what it can do for you with Dr. Michael Wright, Dr. Treva Willis, and Dr. Maria Wright at Smile Design Studio of Bethesda in Bethesda, MD.

Is Invisalign right for me? 
Invisalign works best in patients ages 12 and older who have misaligned teeth or issues with their bite, or the way their top and bottom jaws fit together. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign does not require that patients wear visible brackets and wires on their teeth during treatment. Instead, Invisalign’s removable, clear aligner trays move the teeth to their new positions. Since the trays are removable, the treatment requires a strong commitment to wearing the trays for the allotted amount of time a day.

How does Invisalign compare to traditional metal braces? 
The biggest difference between Invisalign and traditional braces is that Invisalign is not permanently affixed to the teeth. This means that eating and brushing are the same as before your orthodontic treatment and does not require any special steps like threading floss or water picks to go through or around the brackets. Additionally, patients with traditional braces need to avoid certain foods like popcorn or chewy foods to ensure their brackets and wires remain safe and free from damage. Invisalign patients can simply remove their trays to eat the foods they love.

Invisalign Treatment in Bethesda, MD 
The Invisalign process begins with a consultation where your dentist will take a model of your mouth. The model will serve as a basis for the design of your aligner trays. Before creating your trays, Invisalign’s laboratories will send a video showing you the exact route on which your teeth will move during treatment, even allowing you to see your final results. After approval, your completed trays will return to your dentist’s office. Patients wear the trays one after another until the end of the series, then wear a retainer for an allotted amount of time after their treatment to ensure their teeth stay in their correct positions.

For more information on Invisalign, please contact Dr. Michael Wright, Dr. Treva Willis, and Dr. Maria Wright at Smile Design Studio of Bethesda in Bethesda, MD. Call (301) 907-8201 to schedule your appointment with your dentist today!

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